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L'Aia di Cucumo







Built (completed 2017)

Castellana Grotte (BA), Italy


Plants design and installation (mechanical, electrical, sanitary, photovoltaic, solar thermal, BMS and CCTV), structural and civil works, project resource management and site supervision.

The project transformed a group of trulli and rural constructions by creating a tourist facility in the countryside of Castellana Grotte in Puglia. All the buildings have been restored, from the surfaces to the walls and vaults, as well as the structural consolidation of the wooden roofs by inserting insulation elements in order to reduce the energy consumption by maintaining the appearance and the typical architectural elements.


The air conditioning system built with a heat pump for heating and cooling, the photovoltaic and solar thermal systems (integrated to limit their visual impact) help reduce the energy consumption and consequently the level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The water system is connected to the water main, as well as the existing tanks used to collect rainwater for irrigation promoting sustainable management of the water resources.

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